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Sydney’s beer industry has grown exponentially in the recent years and is getting bigger and bigger. GABS – Beer, Cider, and Food Festival, Sydney Beer Week and many other events are established to celebrate the goodness of beer. 

Many people now perceive beer in a different way. Instead of going for mainstream lagers, they are looking for more choice and variety, which brings them to explore the world of craft beers.

But, what are Craft Beers actually?

Craft Beers are beers that are produced by Craft Brewers. To be qualified as a Craft Brewery, it has to be small, independent and traditional. Craft Breweries have to have an annual production of under six million barrels, with less than 25% of the brewery is owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry who are non-craft brewers. These breweries also have either an all malt flagship or have 50% of its volume coming from high quality ingredients that enhance the flavour.

There are many aspects that can affect Craft Beers qualities. Different type of ingredients, length of fermentation, temperature, and many other elements during the creation of the beer will have significant impact on its flavour, aroma, and texture. This makes every craft beer unique, perfect for those who are in search of delicious beers.

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