Five Great Christmas Ideas


Impress your guests this festive season! One of the best things about Christmas is undoubtedly sharing good food with good company. Bring on the holiday season, Christmas feasting is more than just the simple roast turkey and glazed ham.  Here are some creative ideas to keep you inspired 


 1)  Spiced Roast Goose – A great goose recipe by Jamie Oliver for those who want to swap out the turkey for something different.


2)  This turkey recipe with an Asian twist by “I am a food blog” is great for leftovers and a little inspiration for other ways to sneak in a bit of Turkey during Christmas

Christmas Chocolate Mug

3)  38 clever Christmas hacks that Buzzfeed has come up with to make your Christmas feasting easier.

Mulled Wine Tart

4)  Why drink it when you can eat it? Turn a Christmas drink into a delicious sticky tart  

Christmas Cookies

5) Check out these creative cookie recipes by Brit + Co, great for gifting friends and family