Where to Find Pokemon-Inspired Food in Sydney

Pokemon-Inspired Food

Just when you thought the Pokemon GO obsession couldn't get any more out of control, we're now noticing food joints setting real-life lures for people as they present us with Pokemon-inspired foods

We're talking pokeburgers, poketarts, pokeball cronuts..  If you're one of the millions of  people who have jumped on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, we're pretty sure it's time for you to get cracking and eat em' all.  

1. The Pokeburger by Hashtag Burgers


Where: Sir John Young Hotel, on the Corner of Liverpool St & George St
When: August 23rd – 3rd September, 2016 (Limited Supply)

For two delicious weeks, you can enjoy the pokeburger pop-up by Hashtag Burgers at Sir John Young Hotel.

You'll be able to enjoy Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur burgers. However, you may have to battle it out as burgers are given at random. While some may find sinking their teeth into Pokemon a bit odd, others (aka. Pokemon lovers) are sure to find these creations damn tasty. 

Photo by: Spooning Australia

2. Pokeball Cronuts at Speedos Cafe

Pokemon Cronuts

Where: Speedos Cafe, 126 Ramsgate Ave, North Bondi 

Pokeballs are in abundance at Speedos Cafe. Edible pokeballs, that is. We're also told PokeLures have been successfully set - all the more reason to visit! 

Photo by: @eatingwithyoureyes

3. Poketarts at the Picnic


Where: The Picnic Burwood, Burwood Rd & Park Ave, Burwood 

A wild Psyduck has appeared. Are you team Psyduck or team Snorlax? Eitherway, if you fancy a poketart, be sure to visit the Picnic located in Burwood for some sweet poketreats.

Photo by: @eatingwithyoureyes